Black Ph(F)at

Big or BeauitifulBlack Health: Black Ph(F)at – Big or Beautiful 

The first installment of the Black Health topic focuses on the idea of Black beauty and how it effects the Black Community.

The 3 Questions

1. Is Our perspective of beauty unhealthy?

2. Is Our perspective of beauty tainted by the media, i.e. movies, magazines?

3. Does Our version of beauty play into the stereotype of Black people being hyper-sexual?


Most Black men have no problems with a woman with curves and bumps and Black women have even fewer complaints with their figure.  Our version of what is sexually stimulating in general has differed from the euro-centric version of beauty and are rarely seen on the magazines in our supermarkets.  However, much like the euro-centric version of beauty, Our shapes can be viewed as harmful to both the body and the mind of Our people.  Are We putting too much into this idea or is Our version of beauty helping to contribute to the destruction of the Black Community?

Please write in and response to our 3 poll questions or post some questions that you would like to see asked.  These question and more will be addressed during the discussion found on YouTube beginning on  x/xx/20xx.