Mission Statement & Vision

Mission Statement & Vision

Black Advancement Inc. is a non-profit organization that combats the problems plaguing the Black Community through discourse and action.  By doing so we wish to create a self determined and sufficient community among Black People.


The Black Advancement is a non-profit organization that addresses and resolves issues plaguing the Black Community through discourse and mitigating the problems by implementing a “Solution.”  For instances, Black children in Frederick, Md. have struggled to eliminate the academic achievement gap.  To mitigate this problem, We would set up free tutoring sessions at local Black churches, using volunteers from our organization and from within the churches themselves to reach out to the youth in the community.  Profits gained through donations will go towards Our “Solutions” such as laptops for the free tutoring sessions.

A Paper, A Conversation, A Beginning 

Black Advancement Inc. unofficially began in the summer of 2002. Agyemang Asante Goodman (Agye) wrote a reflection paper about issues he felt effected the Black Community. Starting his senior year at Hampton University, Hampton, VA., Agye became the President of the History Club known as the Griot Society.  At a meeting, the Vice President noticed, “Black Advancement” on the agenda of programs to institute into the club and was immediately intrigued; however, it was never mentioned during the meeting. After conclusion of the meeting, Agye was asked by the Vice President why he never mentioned Black Advancement.  He simply responded “I didn’t think anyone would be that interested.”  After discussing his vision of the program, they immediately began to work through a format, research relative content, and construct a symposium.  After some compromises and bartering, they came up with five broad topics that impacted the life of Black people and held their first symposium on the “Role of Education” on November 7, 2002 with 21 people from several different majors in attendance.

Purgatory Leads To Incorporation 

From 2003 through 2010, the idea of Black Advancement was dormant.  Although Agye remained enthusiastic about the promise of the Black Advancement, none of his enthusiasm translated into action.  After reaching out to family and close friends, Agye decided to not just be an enthusiast, but a person of action.  In September of 2010 Agye, gathered support and contributions of family members and close friends and developed a plan to start the Black Advancement, now known as Black Advancement Inc., as a non-profit.  The first official meeting of Black Advancement Inc. was held on November 13, 2010 which consisted of the “Founders” Agyemang Asante Goodman and  Keith Jenkins and three other individuals.  Black Advancement Inc. launched on February 14, 2011 with the mission to unite the Black Community through discourse and action!!

First Five Years: Three Feet and Rising

The first five years of Black Advancement Inc. were a test in patience and will.  The group slowly but surely continued to get the word out about Black Advancement Inc. and had increased the social profile via Facebook and Twitter by putting on moderately successful fund-rasiers, live symposiums, and several YouTube Roundtable sessions.  However, Black Advancement Inc. mildly successful “Solutions” have gained them a repetition of a group on the rise and forward thinking with ideas such as “The Pen It Forward Program” and “The Credit Commandment” Booklets series.

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