One of Black Advancement Inc. greatest strengths is Our openness to ideas for not only Our actions but also Our focus.  Our Core group has come up with these topics to address in Our Rountables and Live Symposiums.  This, however, is not meant to discourage you from participating. Conversely, it is meant to inspire you to offer some suggestions of your own.  So please volunteer a concern you see in the Black Community.  Here are the topics in order of appearance:

The Black Community (February  14 –  December 31, 2011)

  1. The Drug Epidemic – The Crippling of the Black Community
  2. The Black Middle Class – The Hidden Struggle of the Cosby’s
  3. The Black Church – Its Social, Spiritual, and Economic Impact
  4. Parenting – Raising the Next Generation

Black Politics (January 1 – December 31, 2012)

  1. Why Should I Vote – Blacks Disenfranchisement with the Political System
  2. 1st Black President – Obama Nation or an Abomination
  3. Black Republicans – Misunderstood or Sellouts to the Cause
  4. The Black Leaders – Are They Necessary or Effective

Self Hatred (February 1,  2014 – December 2014)

  1. The “N”Word – A Term of Endearment or Enslavement
  2. Stereotypes – Rising Down
  3. Acting Black – Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How
  4. Good Hairitage  – Our Intra-Racism
  5. The Mask – Is it Still Necessary and Still Being Used

Justice or Just Us (January 2017 -July 2018)

  1. Do Not Pass Go – Prison and its Impact on the Black Community
  2. Justice or Just Us – Black People’s Contentious Relationship with Law Enforcement
  3. The O.J. Effect  – Is the Legal System Broken
  4. Black on Black Crime – Killing Ourselves?

TV Imagery (September 2018 – July 2020)

  1. TV Imagery/Type Casting – Hollywood Shuffle
  2. Trap Music – Drugs, Thugs, and Automobiles
  3. Sports Exploitation – Million Dollar Slave

The Role of Education (June 2020 – February 2021)

  1. Black Grade School Teachers – On the Frontlines of the Future
  2. HBCU and PWI – The Advantages, Disadvantages, and Discouragement of HBCU’s
  3. Lies My Teacher Told Me – The Indoctrination of Black Dependency and White Heroism
  4. The Negro Dialect – How Our Slanguage Both Hinders and Helps Our Youth
  5. Charter V Public Schools – Do Black Students Benefit From One More Than The Other

Integration (February 2021 – )

  1. Integration – Did it Work
  2. Interracial Marriage – A Sign of Progress or Protest
  3. Affirmative Action – Who Does it Benefit
  4. Reparations – Should Blacks Get Them and Do Neo-Whites Deserve to Pay Them
  5. Gentrification – The Extermination of the Black Community

White Man’s Burden (TBA)

  1. Minorities?  – White Terms of Domination
  2. White Man’s Burden – The Global and Local Implications of Whites Self-Made Obligation
  3. White Jesus – Why it Matters So Much

The African Diaspora (TBA)

  1. Black Diaspora – Separate and Divided
  2. African or American – What Should We Claim
  3. Africans vs Blacks – The Motherland vs the Brother land

Black Business (TBA)

  1. Black Unemployment – Why So High
  2. Working While Black – The Pride, Pressure, and Polarization of the Black Employee
  3. Show Me The Money – Where is All the Money Going in the Black Community
  4. Black Business – Do They Benefit the Black Community

Black Health ( TBA)

  1. Black Ph(F)at – Big or Beautiful
  2. Slave Food – Soul Food or Leftovers
  3. Sexploitation – The Impact of Sex on the Black Community
  4. Health Don’t Care – The Countless Epidemics that Plague the Black Community

The Rebirth ( TBA)

  1. The Social Rebirth – How to Rebuild the Community Socially
  2. The Economic Rebirth – How to Rebuild the Community Economically
  3. The Political Rebirth – How to Rebuild the Community Politically
  4. The Educational Rebirth – How to Reeducate the Community
  5. The Mental Rebirth – How to Rebuild the Mentality of the Community
  6. The Legacy – How to Carry on the New Black America

6 thoughts on “Topics”

  1. These are awesome topics! I look forward to the symposiums– lively, thought provoking, soul searching discussions. Great job!!

  2. I was thinking and you all could come to HU and discuss being Black in College, succeeding and persevering after undergraduate studies. Additionally, females at the REAL HU are constantly trying to define what a “black man” is and isn’t and the same thing for males with regards to a “black woman”. If you were able to come up with a panel discussion or something along these lines we could definitely work something out!

  3. Thank You Sophia,

    We really appreciate your participation!!! Although we are focusing on the Role of Education we did not seperate it out between males and females. We will look at that closer. The “Working While Black” we did not have on as a talking point at all. This is big, which category do you suggest we place Working While Black in?

  4. When are, we, as a people, going to start working with our youth to eliminate the lies that are fed to them by the media that prevent them from achieving to thier fullest potential? When are we, going to stand up and fight the idea, pervasive in our youth, that if you are excelling in school, in advanced classes and dominating (academically) you classmates, you are “acting white”. This idea is absurd! Throughout history, we have pushed education when it was forbidden upon pain of death! Even during Jim Crow, we created over 150 colleges to serves our children when the mainstream ones refused to let us in. When mainstream businesses refused our money, we became entrepreneurs and set up thriving districts such as Little Hayti in Durham, North Carolina and Black Wall Street in Tulsa, Oklahoma. This all happened, because we educated ourselves, either formally or informally!!

    Now, after our people fought to open doors to the mainstream of American intellectual life, a thief come in the night to steal the victory and perseverance from our kids; the idea that academic excellence is “acting white”, our ridicule of our brothers and sisters who strive for educational and professional excellence. As they go forward in their academic accomplishments, we have Black idiots taunting them with the label “acting white.” Do not confuse professionalism or academic excellence with “acting white.” One has nothing in the world to do with the other. In fact, those Black folks who do not encourage nor support their fellow Black students or Black businesses are actually the ones “acting white.” They also act white when they do not sound their objections or defend against other races that denigrate their Black brothers and sisters, or when they mistreat their own Black people with the same lies, injustice and incorrectness as white supremacist do. Those who are accusing other of “Acting white,” are simply being niggerish, or, put a better way “stupid”, themselves!

    I issue a challenge to everyone! Check you state’s, your individual district’s, your child’s school’s status on proficiency tests. You will see an great gap in the performance of black and white students. Check the ACT, SAT, AP, and other tests. With affirmative action about to go off into history and the standards rising, we must reaffirm our intellectual tradition. Start reading (newspaper, books, magazines, etc., use the public library, etc.). As a special treat, give your kids gifts certificates for bookstores. Take your children to museums, galleries, parks, etc. We must challenge the idea promulgated through BET and throughout history that all we do is play sports and rap!!

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