The Beautiful Struggle

Black Advancement proudly presents: The K.E.M.E.T. Zoomcasting Network.  This is a Zoomcast network centralized on Black people and Black issues from a Black point of view.  K.E.M.E.T. is short for Knowledge and Education Meets Entertaining Television.

The Beautiful Struggle – The Black Advancement Inc. is built on the premise of discussing issue that impact the Black Community and to develop solutions to combat them. The Beautiful Struggle is designed for our three distinct Discussion Groups to research, breakdown, discuss, and propose solutions to the greatest plagues on the Black Community.

The Wealth Gap – Why Does It Persist?

Discussion Group One: Agyemang & Jeremy

Discussion Group Two: Chanese, Nneka, Tj, & Graig

Discussion Group Three: Brandon, Lorren, & Alexis

The Wealth Gap – Why Does It Exist?

Discussion Group One – Agyemang, Nneka, & Shatema

Discussion Group Two: Chanese, TJ, Lorren, & Graig

Discussion Group Three: Brandon, William, & Alexis