Black Advancement Inc. is dedicated to mitigating the numerous concerns plaguing the Black Community.  We know these issues and topics we have chosen to address will not be eliminated in one year or even 20 years.  Still, we feel a great idea and proper planning can mitigate these issues.  This is your chance to voice your opinion on how to best help eliminate issues plaguing our community.   Write out your creative and inspiring ideas here to address an issue you feel is important to the Black Community.  Include your methodology: consider cost, personnel, location(s), and usability.  Help make a difference here and now!  Below are the shorthand versions of the Solutions we have initiated.  This is numbered from the earliest to the latest Solutions we have initiated with Green indicating the Solution is on going, Black signifying the Solution is in development, and Red for not Our current focus:

1. OPERATION FOOD DESERT STORM – Grow and distribute fresh fruits and vegetables and hand them out to the communities considered food deserts.

2. B.A. CREDIT COMMANDMENTS – Created and distributed to inform the masses of how to stay out of debt.

CREDIT COMMANDMENTS 4th Edition: Credit Commandments Vol 4. (2021)

CREDIT COMMANDMENTS 3rd Edition: Credit Commandments Vol. 3 (2018)

CREDIT COMMANDMENTS 2nd Edition: Credit Commandments Vol. 2 (2016)

CREDIT COMMANDMENTS 1st Edition: Credit Commandments

3. PAGE 57 PROJECT: Examination of the Black Experience in the American Education System A documentary about why the Black generation educated in segregation seems to have done better than the generations with more advantages and access.  We ask Blacks of all ages, experiences, ranges in academia to and research to find some answers.

4. PEN IT FORWARD– A program that promoted kids from poverty stricken areas to communicate with college students from HBCU’s and through this encourage these kids to not only strive to go to school, but also expand their horizons to do more than make music or play sports.

5. BLACK-SHOT GUN CLUB (BSGC) – A two part solution involving training and educating as many Black people as possible about how to use firearms responsibly and to try to pass a legislation to have open carry legal in the US with the hope of fear taking over, leading to better gun legislation.

6. LOCAL POLITICAL AWARENESS – A short film of interviews with local politicians explaining their positions and the impact it has on the life of everyday citizens with the intention to improve the participation of the Black Community in local politics.

7.  M.O.N.E.Y. PROGRAM– A program meant to combat the continuous and growing wealth gap between Black people and everybody through a three-pronged approach which includes; [1] Economic Education: focusing on creating financial literacy through financial seminars, reinforcing our Credit Commandments, and promoting schools to install financial education into the school system. [2] Legislative Leverage: pushing for legislation and legislators who support reparations to Black people and creating a booklet to better assists Black people understand their rights as consumers Solution. [3] Entrepreneurship: focusing on Black Owned Businesses through establishing career fairs, start mentorships, and creating a directory for these businesses.

7.  BLACK TO SCHOOL INITIATIVE – A program meant to combat the continuous and growing educational achievement gap between Black people and everybody through a four-pronged approach which includes; [1]Test Reform: Petition local politicians and the Board of Education to have a substantial review of the standardized test, request parental access to the test prior, and suggest a project that is group based opposed to solo. [2] Black Male Substitute Recruit: Through contacts at HBCU’S, Fraternities, and Sororities we would recruit young qualified Black males to apply to become substitutes at all grade levels (K-12) with hope of creating a male presence in school for Black students and students of color to look up to. [3] School Supplies: Work with other non-profits in the area to provide school supplies, pay off school lunch debts, help teachers with school supplies for their classes, and purchase laptops and help with hot spots for internet connection [4] Re-Education: Create an online Black History Workbook with the goal to fully explain the current situation and status of Black people around the world.

If you wish to contribute your thoughts, time, ideas, or money to these Solutions, please contact us at any of the following platforms:


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  1. I really enjoyed reading The Credit Commandments that was handed to me the other day. I read right through it and hope to implement some of the solutions in my own life. Discipline and setting goals are key.

    Very well done pamphlet!

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