The Female Voice

Black Advancement proudly presents: The K.E.M.E.T. Zoomcasting Network.  This is a Zoomcast network centralized on Black people and Black issues from a Black point of view.  K.E.M.E.T. is short for Knowledge and Education Meets Entertaining Television.  Below are the Zoomcast we have:

The Black Advancement: The Female Voice:  – The perspective of Black women on many topics of today, yesterday, and tomorrow with Chanese, Toccara, Lorren, and Nneka.

Episode 16: Traditional vs Non-traditional Marriage

Episode 15: Grownish – The Lies of Adulthood

Episode 14: Parenting – Birthing Disparities for Black Women ft. Black Mama’s Building Bridges

Episode 13: Parenting Parenting Out of Fear

Episode 12: Protecting Black Woman – Vetting While Dating

Episode 11: Protecting Black Women – Misogyny, Patriarchy, & Toxic Masculinity

Episode 10: Protecting Black Women – Protecting Black Women

Episode 9: White Fragility – Black Women Discuss White Fragility

Episode 8: White Fragility – Microaggressions

Episode 7: Self Care – Spiritual Health

Episode 6: Self Care – Mental Health

Episode 5: Self Care – Exercise

EPISODE 4: Self Care – Eating Healthy

EPISODE 3: Culture Vultures

EPISODE 2: Interracial Dating – Perspective

EPISODE 1: All The Single Ladies: After the Degrees Where do the Black Men Go?