Black Advancement Inc. is dedicated to mitigating the numerous concerns plaguing the Black Community.  We know these issues and topics We have chosen to address will not be eliminated in one year or even 20 years.  Still, We feel with proper planning and a great idea anything is possible.  This is your chance to voice your opinion on how to best help eliminate issues plaguing Our community.   Write out your creative and inspiring ideas here to address an issue you feel is important to the Black Community.  Include your methodology: consider cost, personnel, location(s), and usability.  Help make a difference here and now!


The Rub

Since I was in grade school, I have had a contentious relationship with the perceived “literary classics” we as students are subjected to  read.  Many of these stories are extraordinarily Eurocentric and offer very little to the imagination and thought process of young hungry minds.  With few exceptions, many of the selection are formatted on victorian societies, dealing with a segment of the population most Black children or children of color would not be able to identify with.  This lack of identifiability can lead to or assist in a lack of interest in the subject and of reading all together.  This very notion is the purpose of this Solution.  However, the confidence this Solution will actually work comes from when I tutored  a young student who lacked focus on their studies.  I gave the young student a book that not only changed their perspective on school but also on life.  They went on to be an unmitigated success in college and professional life.

The Plan

We have selected 10 titles of the 60 plus books from Our library for the initial push of Our Free Library. Here is how it works:

  • If you are interested in any of the 10 titles we are promoting you contact Us @, The Black Advancement on Facebook, or @BAInc44 on Twitter
  • We send a copy of the book free of charge to you. You can hold the book for up to one month
  • You send the book back, and write a review onto the website including a grade of the book. Any book that drops below a B- average will be removed and replaced after 10 reviews or 3 months if a book lacks interest.  LEAVE GRADES & REVIEWS HERE @

We are also working to make all of Our selections audible, so you can download the files and listen to them on your computer, phone, or in your car.  It has long been said that, “knowledge is power,” and “the best way to hide something from people is to put it in a book. “ We plan to mitigate that with these 10 selections:

12 Angry Men: True Stories of Being a Black Man in America Today

Bastards of the Reagan EraCredit Commandments 1st Edition

Hand in Hand: Ten Black Men Who Changed America

Lies My Teacher Told MePrinciples of Politics and Government

The Mis-Education of the Negro

The Willie Lynch Letter And The Making Of A Slave

The Spook Who Sat By The Door, White Like Me



The Rub

If you look at the inner city from the perspective of a growing child, you may notice the lack of positive influences specifically when it comes to academic achievement. Not many people that they interact with on a daily basis have gone to or aspire to go to college. Even some of their greatest influences, such as parent(s)/grandparent(s) may dismiss the whole idea due to financial struggles or a myriad of other problems that impact their daily lives.  This program is designed to connect those inner city middle school students with HBCU college students with hopes of providing an outside influences other than their immediate environment. The programs ultimate goal is to provide a mentor for students that are making decisions about their futures.  So the kid that wants to be a marine biologist can talk to someone studying in the field about how to make the grades to get them in position to fulfill there goal.

The Plan

Starting in October 2013, we will be working with a 5th grade class from a Baltimore City School and students from the prestigious Hampton University’s to becoming members of our Pen It Forward Program. The students will write to the college students for an entire school year. Their teachers and professors will collect letters to be delivered to their pen pals on certain dates. The Black Advancement will hand deliver the letters up to 4 times during the school year. If you would like to join in and contribute contact us @ under our Solution tab or on our Facebook page.


3) PAGE 57 DOCUMENTARY: An Examination of the Black Experience with the American Education System

The Rub

I (Agyemang Asante Goodman) have had a skewed view of the education system in America for a long time.  The truth of the matter is, I have felt through my life’s experience the educational system within the United States has failed Black people, especially since the time of integration.  This notion however, flies in the face of convention.  The stories I have heard from generations were burdened with the responsibility and the danger of integrating schools in America mostly deny the idea that it hurt because it gave them more options and opportunities.  They, in the same breath, also acknowledge that their teachers genuinely wanted them to succeed and in many cases in the segregated schools and were able to provide them with the tools to succeed in America.  This is where the problem starts for me.

Since our “greatest generation” was forced to go through integration and lay down the foundation of the school system that has now become the norm, I begin to think about how many of my teachers really cared about my well being?  How many of my teachers gave me the education and the encouragement that a student needs to succeed in America?  But these types of question alone do not put the struggle of Blacks in education in it’s proper perspective. We too must take responsibility, for not participating actively in the school system and in our children’s schooling.  Is it the system or is it us?  Why do we seem to fail and be at the bottom of all scholastic activities? These are the questions that fuel this solution.

The Plan

Starting in the spring of 2013, we will conduct interviews of Black people from the ages of 15-85 to get a proper perspective of the Black experience in the education system in America.  These interviews will be made in to a documentary and then aired on YouTube, hopefully in the fall of this year.  These dates are temporary as of this moment, however we will be sure to update everyone when dates and times are locked in.If you would like to join in and contribute contact us @ under our Solution tab or on our Facebook page.



The Rub

Since the middle of 2008, America has been stuck in a recession.  Anytime the economy takes a dive the least among us suffer the most.  The truth of the matter is that the Black Community’s unemployment rate is consistently at depression levels no matter what the financial conditions are in the country.  As you all are aware, the Presidential election will be later this year and one of the biggest points of discussion is the on going fiscal crisis in the country.  Regardless of the person or party that wins, no laws can get you a job quicker and no policy can help you save money better.  Our best hope is Us.

Recently we have been in contact with some government officials in Baltimore, Md. about running financial seminars for the community.  Unfortunately we aren’t able to participate in this particular activity because we are not based in Baltimore.  Although we plan to go to a seminar to watch and learn, we decided to take matters into our own hands and find our own way to combat poverty in the Black Community.

The Plan

Starting in August 2012 we will be handing out pamphlets.  The pamphlet will consist of a number of rules that can be used to get people out of debt or to stay debt free.  We also plan to do our own seminars and have a soft copy version of the Ten Credit Commandments here on our website.  Information regarding the seminars will be determined at a later time.  We hope to handout these pamphlets every two weeks and have a seminar every two months.  These dates are temporary as of this moment, however we will be sure to update everyone when dates and times are locked in.  If you would like to join in and contribute contact us @ under our Solution tab or on our Facebook page.

CREDIT COMMANDMENTS 2nd Edition: Credit Commandments Vol. 2 (2016)

CREDIT COMMANDMENTS 1st Edition: Credit Commandments



The Rub

Although our first concern, from a discussion stand point, has been focused on the Black Community, the first solution that we are going to enact is actually an issue that will be discussed later under the Black Health section.  This topic actually was spawned during one of our Solution Sessions about the Drug Epidemic.  As you may no doubt know, many if not all of the issues that effect the Black Community are related to one another.  What we have found in our Solution Sessions is that a discussion about how drugs effect our Community can quickly become a conversation about how little the kids have to eat when they get home.

One of our “Core” members used to teach in Baltimore City Public Schools and often times would address the group in the meetings about how the only meal some of her students get is at school and that for the most part fresh fruits and vegetables were virtually non existent as an option.  Lack of food can effect a childs ability to not only grow physically but also mentally.  Recently the USDA has been trying to address the lack of fresh produce to some neighborhoods by designating some areas food deserts( and trying to bring awareness of this on going neglect in certain areas.  Like most epidemics in America, the epicenter of a good portion of these food deserts are in Our Community.

The Plan

Starting in the fall of 2012 we will be talking to schools throughout Maryland to attempt to aid in starting community gardens at schools.  We will assists these schools with the seed and produce that we produce in the BA Gardens located in various residences of our core members.  The fruits and vegetables that are grown will be distributed to the children every month or so for them to take home.  This will help shape better eating habits, teach a skill to the children, and combat the problem of a lack of fresh foods in the food desert area.  If you would like to join in and contribute contact us @ under our Solution tab or on our Facebook page.


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  1. I really enjoyed reading The Credit Commandments that was handed to me the other day. I read right through it and hope to implement some of the solutions in my own life. Discipline and setting goals are key.

    Very well done pamphlet!

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