Conversing about Our issues is only part of the way We can come together and advance.  Our Roundtables are discussions where the panel provides perspectives on issues that plague the Black Community.  All of Our Roundtables are also accessible through Our YouTube Channel and you can access them by typing “The Black Advancement.”  Live Symposiums are events we use to expose these concerns to a larger community and are open to the public.  We do not record Live Symposiums to allow all in attendance the opportunity to fully express their opinions.  If you are interested in participating in a Roundtable or Live Symposium please contact us via email or call 301-418-5513.  Thank you and Advance!!!


TRAP MUSIC – This video was filmed July 3, 2020.

Trap Music


THE SYSTEM – This video was filmed April 21, 2018.

The System


JUSTICE OR JUST US– This video was filmed August 2, 2014.

Justice or Just Us Part 1

Justice or Just Us Part 2

Justice or Just Us Part 3

DO NOT PASS GO – This video was filmed March 18, 2017.

Do Not Pass Go Part 1

Do Not Pass Go Part 2

Do Not Pass Go Part 3

THE O.J. EFFECT – This video was filmed April 2017.

The O.J. Effect Part 1

The O.J. Effect Part 2

The O.J. Effect Part 3


 STEREOTYPES – This video was filmed September 13, 2013.

Stereotypes Part 1

Stereotypes Part 2

Stereotypes Part 3 

 ACTING BLACK– This video was filmed March 1, 2014.

Acting Black Part 1

Acting Black Part 2

Acting Black Part 3

GOOD HAIRITAGE– This video was filmed October 26, 2013.

Good Hairitage Part 1

Good Hairitage Part 2

Good Hairitage Part 3


WHY SHOULD I VOTE – This video was filmed March 10, 2012.

Why Should I Vote Part 1

Why Should I Vote Part 2 

Why Should I Vote Part 3

Why Should I Vote Part 4

BLACK REPUBLICANS – This video was filmed February 10, 2018.

Black Republicans

1st BLACK PRESIDENT– This video was filmed June 16, 2012.

1st Black President Part 1

1st Black President Part 2

1st Black President Part 3

BLACK LEADERS – This video was filmed December 15, 2012.

Black Leaders Part 1

Black Leaders Part 2

Black Leaders Part 3


THE DRUG EPIDEMICThis video was filmed March 19, 2011.

The Drug Epidemic

BLACK MIDDLE CLASS – This video was filmed June 23, 2012.

Black Middle Class Part 1

Black Middle Class Part 2

Black Middle Class Part 3

THE BLACK CHURCH – This video was filmed July 7, 2012

The Black Church Part 1

The Black Church Part 2

The Black Church Part 3

PARENTING – This video was filmed December 10, 2011.

Parenting Part 1

Parenting Part 2

Parenting Part 3

Parenting Part 4



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