Everything from Our “Solution,” to Our fundraisers will be located below.  This will give you all the particulars of an event such as the time, date, location, and if necessary more in-depth details about it. The Aftermath will also be found here for all to see.  Black people unite!!!

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Events for August & September 2019

  • June 15th – Blackboard Session – discussed issue moving forward, specifically Solutions, Podcast, Roundtables, Symposiums, & Seminars for the rest of the year. (have done several throughout this and last year and will list as in event moving forward)

Big Historical Events List from Latest to Earliest 

Fundrasier – 3rd Annual Fund Drive 

Live Symposium – Integration – A group discussion about the issue of integration and whether it ever actually happened and if integration hurt or helped the Black Community.

Live Symposium – Charter V Public Schools – A group discussion about the issue of charter schools and public schools and their individual impact on the Black Community.

Live Symposium – The Gun Issue – A group discussion about the issue of guns in the Black Community and  

Fundrasier – 2nd Annual Fund Drive 

Live Symposium – Black Employment

 Live Symposium – The Black Church 

Fundrasier – Game Decathlon II

Fundrasier – 1st Annual Fund Drive

Fundrasier – Dinner & A Movement 

Movie Spotlight – Selma

Live Symposium  – 1st Black President 

Fundrasier – Game Decathlon I

Fundrasier – Bowl-A-Thon 

One thought on “Events”

  1. I love the ‘Operation Food Desert Storm’ idea.

    To expand on it, perhaps we could collaborate with local family farms and/or farmers markets to make sure that the produce we are distributing is locally and organically grown by small family-owned businesses (supporting the local economy) rather than large factory farms that often use harmful GMOs and other harmful products.

    Also, we could hand out flyers with gardening tips – perhaps even have gardening classes, classes on how to recognize edible weeds (there are edible plants growing wildly all around – most people just don’t recognize them as edible) and start community gardens. Community gardens are huge in Houston. This would also empower individuals to control their own food supply and bring neighborhoods together in the spirit of self-sufficiency, which is really the nature of true freedom.

    Give a man a fish and he’ll eat for a night. Teach a man to fish and he’ll eat for a lifetime.

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