K.E.M.E.T. Zoomcast Network

Black Advancement proudly presents: The K.E.M.E.T. Zoomcasting Network.  This is a Zoomcast network centralized on Black people and Black issues from a Black point of view.  K.E.M.E.T. is short for Knowledge and Education Meets Entertaining Television.  Below are the Zoomcast we have:

B-SPAN – Black intellectuals listens to the call-in section of the Washington Journal and give genuine reactions to the comments. (Starts tentatively in January 2021)

HollyHood Zoomcast – Movie reviews, ideas, and recommendations by the Goodman brothers, Antwon Smallwood, and Jason Ryan. (Will air live on Facebook every other Saturday starting January 9th @ 4:30 PM)(movies are given points based on our ranking. 5th = 1 point/ 4th = 2 points/ 3rd = 3 points/ 2nd = 4 points/ 1st = 5 points

EPISODE 1 – Top 5 Sword Movies


  1. Conan The Barbarian (18)
  2. Gladiator (16)
  3. Braveheart (10)
  4. Troy (10)
  5. 300 (8)
  6. 6th Man – Blade

EPISODE 2: Top 5 Deaths in a Movie (January 23rd)

Don’t Touch My Hair – The perspective of Black women on many topics of today, yesterday, and tomorrow. (Starts tentatively in June 2021)


Without Struggle There Is No Progress