A Glimpse of Things To Come

Black Advancement Inc. unofficially began in the summer of 2002. Agyemang Asante Goodman (Agye) wrote a paper about the bevy of issues he felt affected the Black Community. Starting his senior year at Hampton University, Hampton, VA., Agye became the President of the History Club known as the Griot Society.  At a meeting, the Vice President noticed, “Black Advancement” on the agenda of programs to institute into the club and was immediately intrigued; however it was never mentioned during the meeting. After conclusion of the meeting, Agye was asked by the Vice President why he never mentioned Black Advancement.  He simply responded “I didn’t think anyone would be that interested.”  After discussing his vision of the program, they immediately began to work through a format, research relative content, and construct a symposium.  After some compromises and bartering, they came up with five broad topics that impacted the life of Black people and held their first symposium on the “Role of Education” on November 7, 2002.  Up to 21 people from several different majors attended.

The Lost Years

From 2003 through 2010, Agye remained enthusiastic about all the promise of the Black Advancement; however, all of his enthusiasm did not translate into immediate action.  He did reach out and discuss and debate the idea of the Black Advancement with several of his closest friends and family, yet nothing materialized into anything more than a lively debate about whether the idea would actually work.  In September of 2010 Agye, with the support and contributions of family members and close friends, developed a plan that would launch the start of the much awaited Black Advancement.

The Beginning of the Future

The first official meeting of Black Advancement Inc. was held on November 13, 2010 which consisted of the “Founders” Agyemang Asante Goodman and  Keith Jenkins and other members Omari Patterson and Brandon Coney.  Since this first meeting, the “Founders” have put together a plan moving forward and plan to launch Black Advancement Inc. on February 14, 2011.  Black Advancement Inc. is attempting to create a new history and chapter with the hope of uniting the Black Community more than it has ever been and making the world a better place.  When the time comes more will be added to our history page and God willing to our history books.  Black People Advance!!

The Start: February 2011- December 2012

The first two years of Black Advancement Inc. were a test in patience and will.  The group slowly but surely continued to get the word out about Black Advancement Inc and had increased the social profile via Facebook and by putting on two moderately successful fund-rasiers, three live symposiums, and three YouTube Roundtable sessions.  By the close of 2012, Black Advancement Inc. had gained the confidence to do bigger projects and more live symposiums and events.

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