BA Recommended Websites

The order of websites is solely based on longevity of businesses, blogs, etc. allowing Black Advancement Inc. to advertise in their name.

Janet Leigh Jewelry – Janet Leigh is a Black owned, created, and designed jewelry brand.  Janet Leigh is a lifestyle brand of eclectic handmade jewelry that blends the charm of Old World and ancient elements with contemporary sophistication. Each piece is created with the ideas of meaning, distinction and functionality as its focus.

Clearity Window Cleaning -Clearity Window Cleaning is a Black-owned business based in the Atlanta metro area.  Clearity Window Cleaning provides customers  a number of great services such as hand window cleaning, high quality pressure washing and thorough gutter cleaning, light fixture cleaning, flood light replacement, and small gutter repair.  They offer clear explanation of services and results and have an experienced fully trained, insured, and bonded team.  If you are in or near Atlanta and need these services, do yourself a favor and call these brothas and sisters!!  Contact information: 770-728-3271

TinaRose Wedding & Events – This award winning, Black owned wedding and event planning business has put on stunning events that are the perfect start to happily ever afters.  With one of a kind themes, designs, and decorations, TinaRose has a long list of satisfied customers and a string of great events.  If you found the right one for you and are located in the DMV area, we highly recommend TinaRose Wedding Events!

Where’s Buffy Podcast/Website – Where’s Buffy is a podcast and website created by a group of intelligent brothers from Baltimore, Maryland.  Its rare that Black men have things created by and for them that are both intellectually entertaining as well as appeal to your hobbies and interest.  If you want to hear a podcast that you can really relate to check this one out. And remember, The Where’s Buffy Podcast is built for comfort, not for speed!!

Tropical Smoothie Cafe Frederick, MD – If you are ever in the Frederick, Maryland area there is only one place to stop by to fulfill your culinary needs. This Tropical Smoothie Cafe is owned by a sister from Frederick, Md and is basically the go to for all BA Inc’s catered events.  The food is delicious, the smoothies are unreal, and the kaleslaw is to die for!!!

BlackDroog Media – BlackDroog Media was founded by a multi-talented brother with both feet in the entertainment business.  BlackDroog Media is an all-inclusive website that sells and promotes cartoons, fashion, Hip-Hop, Sci-Fi, inspiring thought, creativity, and imagination through visual arts and music.  If you are looking for anything from cool clothing to dope music, to unique art check #TheBlackDroogExperience!

ICONNATN – ICONNATN (pronounced: icon•nation) is a Black owned faith based business based out of Frederick, Maryland that expresses faith and creativity through apparel design and community. They seek to curate an interactive experience by bringing Homegrown Quality Goods to the masses. With their unique and fresh designs you will not only look your best, but will convey a story of how you can be your best. Be amongst the Chosen Few and rock the Natn!

Odd Ninja Media – Odd Ninja Media is a Black owned publisher and production company with a mission to tell inspiring, exciting, thought provoking and authentic stories featuring culturally diverse characters through animation and comics. Odd Ninja Media is dedicated to collaborating particularly with showcasing the works of artists of color and those from underrepresented communities to contribute to bringing diversity to the comic, animation and sci-fi genres.

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