Interracial Marriage

Interracial Marriage: A sign of Progress or Protest 

This is the second section within the Integration topic.  This discussion will focus on the beauty, trials, and social consequences of interracial marriages and how love can impact the future of the Black Community and truly conquer all.

The 3 Questions

1. Do you have a preference of what race you or your children would marry, and if so why?

2. Do interracial marriages increase or decrease stereotypes of other races?

3. Do interracial marriages destroy the traditional/historic idea of what it means to be a Black Community?


Most people would look at this topic and blatantly say…this is a racially charged topic.  Why in 20 whatever would any organization that wishes to achieve the advancement of all people through focusing on the Black Community put forth a topic that would seemingly only be meant to divide people?  It’s simple, this is, whether spoken or unspoken an issue within the Black Community.  We have all heard the phrase, “if they can’t use your comb don’t bring them home” as a deterrent to dating outside of our race…but why would some Black parents say such a thing?  This is the time and the place to discuss why love between Black people and anyone else, specifically white people, is indeed a topic not only worthy of addressing but necessary to understand and unpack the hesitation, the backlash, and sometimes annoyance, of some Blacks on this front.  So with all of that said, let’s have a serious look at whether interracial marriage is helping to destroy the Black Community?

Please write in and response to our 3 poll questions or post some questions that you would like to see asked.  These question and more were addressed on #/##/2021.

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